Black Friday Deals for a Simplified Home

Below I have listed all the recommended items from my blog pages to make it easier to quickly check prices. I personally use most of the items listed below that have made it easy for me to have a simple, healthy home. Browse below and leave a comment if you have any questions about the products.

**I make a small amount for purchases made from the links below at no additional cost to you**

Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer – I love using a stand mixer because it allows me to multi-task and makes mixing incredibly easy. Kitchen Aid motors are the most durable. I’ve had this plus a hand mixer that has lasted over 20 years with a lot of heavy use.

Grain Mill – There are many grain mills to choose from. I researched and landed upon a Nutrimill because of it’s ease of use better quality and ability to start and stop it mid-grind, if needed. After owning one and using it many times weekly for over 7 years, I can attest for it’s durability too! A great investment! It is the gateway to massively increasing nutrition in foods you cook. Read my post on the Truth about Wheat to understand the immense nutritional value of grinding your own wheat. I own an older version which is not available but I recommend this one for it’s improved features and stone mill grinding.

Zojirushi Bread Machine – This is by far the best bread machine. Not only do you have many pre-programmed bread settings but you also have the invaluable custom setting. The bread pan has a nice shape and creates a beautiful loaf of perfectly cooked bread in part to the rare extra heating element on the top. Making homemade bread has never been easier or more successful!

Other Bread Machines – You can see from this link that many are on sale.

Ninja Blender We use this almost everyday for smoothies. Easy to make the whole family’s smoothies in one batch. Grinds up frozen fruit perfectly smooth when mixed with juice and yogurt.

24 Muffin Tin – I recently discovered a real time-saver:  a 24 muffin tin.  This saves so much time because you only have to cook half as much as a 12 muffin tin.  I realized that I stayed away from making muffins because of the time and work of having to repeat the cooking process 2-4 times, depending on how much you are making.  This has been hugely valuable in my kitchen because I always have several things I am making at once and it makes muffin making a super quick process.

Pot Holders – These are my favorites.  I got them because my husband wanted bigger ones that fit his hands and my arm got burnt from shorter ones.  These are now the favorites for the whole family. Looks nice and protects your arms too!

Muffin liners– Natural muffin liners.

Spatula – Set of nice spatulas in a variety of sizes.

Measuring spoons – These keep your drawer neat, yet let you take one individual spoon out easily. It is also so helpful to have two sides for multiple ingredients.

Measuring cups – Nice, durable and pretty!

Stir Crazy Popcorn Maker – We are big popcorn eaters in our house and this took our popcorn to a whole new level. We just got this a year ago & it is our new favorite way to pop popcorn. It makes the most delicious roasted flavor. You can use your own popcorn and butter to make it the healthy by using quality ingredients.

For Yogurt Making:

  • Instant Pot – This is the one with a yogurt function too. A multi-use appliance.
  • Whisk – This is my most useful whisk. The rubber handle makes it quick & easy to use!
  • Food Thermometer – After many thermometers breaking very easily, I found this durable one that has lasted a long time and is waterproof.
  • Greek Yogurt Strainer – I have had several strainers and find these round ones are the easiest to use. I use 2 for each gallon of milk. They are easy to remove the strained yogurt and dishwasher safe.
  • Instant Pot Glass Lid Because it is not pressure cooked you can get a glass lid for yogurt making.  I did this because I make so much and it is easier to wash & see inside. It also can be used for storing in the refrigerator.
  • Instant Pot Plastic Lid – I also have this lid because it seals well and allows me to store yogurt in the refrigerator while making my next batch of yogurt.